Art Workshop in Englisch

Art Workshop in Englisch for Kids, no English language skills require.

Discover the intuitive potential of art and language. Working in an artistic environment, you will playfully be introduced to the English language by an English native speaker.

You will explore different forms of artistic expression and use these to realise your own creative ideas. We will experiment with different techniques while finding inspiration in nature, in music and by talking together.

We will be listening to English songs, such as „Yellow Submarine“ by the Beatles as a playful approach to working with language and images, especially those in your own head. We will go for walks in the park, where we will look closer at autumn leaves and work with their very special colours and associations.

Termine und Kosten

Thursdays, 16:30 - 18:00 Uhr
2 / 16 / 30 November

3 Termine = 66 €

1 Termin = 24 €

Geeignete Altersgruppe(n): 
9 - 12 Jahre
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Atelier DeKUNST
Boissereestr. 7
50674 Köln
0163 884 49 57
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Atelier DeKUNST
Boissereestraße 7
50674 Köln